Friday, January 6, 2017

The traveler of aloneness

As an alive, sensitive human being, there may always be times when a familiar sense of loneliness will seep into your awareness, and begin to color your world. What is this visitor, you wonder, and what does it want from me?

You question if it will ever go away, when it will yield to your deep longing for connection, and why all the work on yourself has not yet transformed the unknowing despair.
The feeling of loneliness is a reminder of separation, and has a way of cutting into the aliveness of immediate experience.

The reality of aloneness, on the other hand, is utterly raw and surging with life. Despite our connection with others, we are asked to make the journey of the heart alone. No one can experience life for us, love and be loved for us, embrace and feel our achy and open heart for us, or die for us; likewise, we for them.

The traveler of aloneness is at home in this type of environment – and in fact welcomes it – knowing that organizing her reality around love will almost always trigger the experience of tenderness and penetrating vulnerability. Living in the delicate field of aloneness is so open, so unknown, and unbearably touching; it is always uncertain, a bit shaky, and forever without reference point. It reveals the truth that we can never really look to the known to tell us who we are or why we’ve come here.

Aloneness is a sacred friend but its mysteries and power have been lost in a world that has forgotten. Its invitation is direct, relentless, and shattering, but is filled with unseen guidance and high-voltage creativity. It is a call from deep within you to return to that which is most important in your life, and to not forget what is most meaningful. It is a fierce reminder to live your life, not someone else’s.

It is a portal like none other, a darkened passageway into the mysteries of separation and union, and into an alchemical sort of heartbreak. Not the heartbreak of the mind which arises from the conviction that something has been lost. But in the shattering reorganization which comes by way of revelation of that which has finally been found.

Art by Josh Adamski

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