Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A key to a sacred door

When you find yourself triggered. When your emotional world is on fire and you are hooked into shame, blame, and rage. When you notice you are practicing self-aggression, spiraling into addictive behavior, or complaining about your life, blaming others, and erupting with resentment… slow down. The messengers have arrived.

Do not dissociate and split from them, meditate them away, or transform them into a higher vibration. The invitation is one of intimacy, a curious journey toward the feelings, and opening into the vision that is longing to emerge from their center. Return into the aliveness of your body and listen. For your need yourself now more than ever.

Something is attempting to break through, out of the murky darkness and into conscious awareness. Some unmet emotion, some abandoned aspect of yourself, some underlying state of vulnerability that was not able to return safely at an earlier time.

What is it? What is knocking on the door of your heart and longing for reorganization? What lost part of you is shape-shifting out of the unseen and up from of the muddy soil of your body, so that it may share its wisdom in a world that has forgotten? Is there something you’ve been neglecting about what is most important to you? Some discrepancy between the life you know is possible and the one you’ve been living?

In the past, it was intelligent to split off from overwhelming experience that you could not metabolize at the time. But these pieces are looking for you. They come as emissaries of revelation and carriers of light in the darkness. As ambassadors of the somatic world, they serve as gatekeepers of portals into aliveness, connection, and wholeness. Though it may appear otherwise, they do not come to overwhelm you, or to engulf, or to take you down. But to show you life. To reveal a key to a sacred door.

Whether you choose to provide a home for these ones – or you do not – they will never relinquish their search, and will continue to appear as your friends, your children, your emotions, your lovers, and your life circumstances. Look carefully and you will see them. They will even come in disguise as the mountains, the ocean, the blue, and the purple, to remind you of something astonishing about who you are, that you may have forgotten along the way.

Please consider the possibility, though, that the “forgetting” is equally as sacred as the “remembering” and that love will use both of these energies to find you and to awaken you to what you are. Each are special arrows in the quiver of the beloved, who will never, ever give up and will look for you forever.

Art by Ern Mainka

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