Sunday, March 5, 2017

An invitation into re-imagination

On the path of the heart, we will inevitably be asked to re-imagine and breathe new life into concepts that have lost their meaning along the way. Words like “growth” and “healing” must be seeded with new vision and brought alive again in the fire of direct experience.

In many ways, the journey has very little to do with “growing.” But is one of shedding and deflation, of recycling and reorganization. What is it that is being “grown” within us?
To what degree are we willing to rest in not-knowing, realizing that we’re never going to resolve or come to terms with the wildness of love as it takes form here? It’s just too creative for all that. For it is within the field of not-knowing that new meaning can emerge.

For many of us, “healing” has come to refer to a condition in which I no longer have to be in direct contact with my vulnerability, my sensitivity, and only in touch with a small band of the emotional spectrum. But this is not healing. It is partiality. And this will never satisfy the longing for wholeness that has been placed inside us from beyond.

For the alchemists, the first phase of the journey requires a confrontation and exploration of the negredo, the embrace of the black. Here the reference points around which we have previously organized our lives are dismantled. Even our deepest realizations and discoveries are converted into pure space.

While the temptation is to spin into resolution, to find answers to questions, and to be reborn as quickly as possible, a new invitation has appeared: to rest in the dark, rich, pregnant groundlessness. While it may seem that something is missing here, it is overflowing with essence.

Yes, all that you were so clear about even a few days can dissolve and lose its meaning: who you thought you were, how you would spend your time, the relationships you were sure would always be there, what was truly going to bring you the life you envisioned.

Something new is longing to emerge, but you cannot skip over the process of death in order to create the conditions for its appearance. Rebirth will come, but can only arise from a direct, embodied, and compassionate confrontation with death.

The invitation before you is into re-imagination. Sink into the muddy earth. And provide safe passage for the reorganization. There is guidance all around and inside you: your fellow journeyers, the sun, the moon, the animals, and the stars. You are being asked to re-enchant your world, and to see with new vision.

Photo: holding field of Carina Nebula, surrounding Eta Carinae

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