Friday, March 31, 2017

A moment with Shiva

With my parents looking through some old photos, this one emerged from the vaults. Wandering, broken open, in awe, some things never change… circa autumn 1992, Manikaran, Northern India.

This yogi was so nurturing and kind to me. We were living in the woods and he would always be awake before the sun, making chapati and feeding me. I never saw him eat himself, though I was told he had a few teaspoons of milk and rice each day (for the last 70+ years; no one had any idea how old he was). No matter what was happening, he made sure the crazy blue eyed white boy was fed and loved and held and cared for.

Every few days we would go to Khirganga to a meadow where Shiva apparently meditated for 3000 years. At the end of the road were the most amazing hot springs, where he guided me to rest in the pools of presence. For him, we were in the abode of Shiva and his healing waters… we just rested there together and remained astonished at it all, the whole display.

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