Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Where the currents intertwine

Let us not forget the descendent current, flowing into the unlit places, the lower worlds, and the dark caverns of the psyche. The invitation here is one of embodiment – into the vulnerability, the chaos, and the deflating activity of the beloved as she enters into form to reveal wholeness.

There is something illuminating the way, but just what that is cannot be apprehended by way of the conceptual. There is no map here for the territory is too alive, too creative, and too sacred to be pinned down, controlled, and known ahead of time. While this degree of pure space may be disorienting to a mind seeking resolution, it is exhilarating in the depths of somatic being.

It is easy to disconnect from this current, as we overly identify with the ascending, the upward, the light, and the transcendent. In the rush to exit immediate experience – for something that is higher, purer, less messy, and less contradictory – we turn from the waters of life and lose touch with essence.

While it is natural to have a bias for one current over another, let us not do so at the expense of fragmentation. In ways the mind may never fully understand, there is a luminous middle place where the currents intertwine. It is buried in a secret chamber inside your own heart. Rest there.

Art from Jung’s Red Book

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