Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Compassionate confrontation

Learning to suffering consciously is an art that has been lost in our times. By training yourself to enter into an intimate, curious, embodied relationship with difficult psychological and emotional experience, you reclaim your right as an alive, sensitive, empowered human being. And proclaim your willingness to practice transmutation for the benefit of life everywhere.

Each time we turn from a painful feeling, bodily sensation, or disturbing emotion, we practice self-aggression, encoding circuitry of self-abandonment, as we hope to end-run the reality of our vulnerability. The split-off material is not healed, but placed into the shadow, where it is sure to surge in less-than-conscious ways in our relational worlds. We need only look around (and inside) with eyes wide open to see the consequences of this.

It is by way of compassionate confrontation and integration of the full-spectrum that we dance within the opposites and provide sanctuary for the unconscious to come into form. Through this integrative and consecrated activity the meaning of our experience will be revealed, and its role on the journey ahead clarified.

At times, the ally will appear in a sweet, peaceful, and light form, which we can take refuge in and be grateful for. At other times, the form will be fierce, wrathful, and of the dark, oriented not in peace, but in wholeness. While not as easy, we can come to be grateful for this one as well, who has not come to harm, but to reveal.

While the mind may turn from the wisdom and the love buried inside the shadows, the heart knows. The body knows.

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