Thursday, March 2, 2017

Take a day off... from becoming

What would it be like if you took the day off from becoming someone or something different? Or just a few hours? Or moments?

To set aside the grand project to improve yourself, heal your past, be someone different, or to learn something new. To figure something out, to manifest new things or experiences for yourself, to replace what is here for something different. To dare to allow in the life-shattering possibility that nothing is wrong, nothing is truly missing, and that your life is not a project to be solved, but a mystery to be lived.

To take a walk on this new day knowing that you are already fully connected. That there is nothing you must first learn or solve or understand or even heal in any conventional sense. To allow in the implications that you might not need to improve this moment. For these implications are revolutionary.

To allow in for just a moment the possibility that you have everything you need to fully participate here, in the sacred word that is all around you, with all of its glory, confusion, excruciating hopelessness, pure hope, causeless joy, and shattering heartbreak.

It can be exhilarating to allow this in, to give yourself to this, for just a few moments. And also quite disorienting. The mind will scramble to find the reference point of a problem, to orient around and to defend against the utter spaciousness of being. It’s so open here.

But the mind contracts in response to so much space. Wait a minute, there’s something wrong, isn’t there? I could have sworn something is wrong? There must be something that needs to be fixed, healed, shifted, or transformed; some more growth, understanding, insight, more realization which must first occur before I can fully show up here, fall to the ground in awe and gratitude, and commit to this life.

It’s just an experiment. Just for a few moments. Don’t worry. You can return to the life of there being a problem later on today, if you’d like. And attend to what must be attended to. But for now, look up into the sky, rest on the muddy earth, touch the water, feel your heart beating. You are alive. You are here. Everything that has ever happened, everyone you have ever met has brought you to this moment. By some miracle of grace, love has come into the world of time and space as you, as your life, exactly as it is, as an expression of the great mystery.

The breath is coming in and out now, whether you believe that you deserve it or not. The earth is unconditionally supporting you; you are not falling through space. But the breath will be gone at some point, usually much sooner than we’d all like. Breathe deeply now. And attune to the miracle. You need not postpone your participation here any longer. We never know if we will be given another opportunity tomorrow.

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