Friday, January 20, 2017

Always in bloom

It is not an error that we have been born as sensitive human beings, with hearts that are sometimes raw and broken. Yes, at times we may feel lost, hopeless, confused, and uncertain. At other times we will be found, clear, and erupting with faith. This is not evidence of cosmic failure, but a clear sign that we are alive.

Our vulnerability is not a mistake, but a portal into wholeness. It is important to remember that this wholeness is never partial, but contains everything.What we are is full-spectrum.

While the world may try to convince us to mend the brokenness, to abandon the dark, and to resolve the contradictions, we must look carefully to see if this response is in resonance with the vow we have taken. The contradictions, too, are holy and expressions of revelation, but must be held and entered, without any fantasy of resolution. Inside is a unique form of light, but not always perceivable by means of ordinary perception.

Just as the petals on the rose, the forms of love will always dissolve, for this is their nature. In each moment the forms are dissolving and reorganizing around us. But love itself is that which never comes and goes. The rose itself is always in bloom if it is seen with vision from beyond the veil.

The great good news – while simultaneously the excruciating news – is that the path of the heart is never going to conform to our hopes, dreams, and the ways we thought it was all going to turn out. For it is not organized around safety and the known. It is oriented toward wholeness.

While the forms of love will always come and go, we are the vast space in which this play occurs. While we may be unable to take refuge in the passing forms, we can do so in the warmth and holding of the space itself, which is overflowing with the qualities of mystery, attunement, and pure aliveness.

There is nothing more safe than that. There is nothing more sacred than that.

Photographer unknown

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