Thursday, January 12, 2017

A hidden gold

In just one ordinary moment, you can return into the aliveness of the sensory world, sink into mystery, drop into the muddy earth, and set aside the urgency to be other than you are. Your imagination is holy, your vision is open, and there is no temple greater than your own body.

Even the symptoms – the exhaustion, the confusion, the hopelessness, the hesitation – communications from within, attempting to reach you with new direction for the way ahead. Listen carefully, for the guidance will often come in disguised forms, in ways that the conventional world may never understand. But you were never born for the conventional. You are just too vast for all that.

There are colors here, eyes to gaze into, warm ones to hold, and water to drink. Sunsets to commune with, hearts to attune to, and birdsong arriving from the other world. Something is attempting to break through, but is still in the liminal.

Yes, a death has occurred, it was never going to turn out the way you thought it would. Your relationships, work, family, your body, that which used to provide so much meaning. Death has come, but the rebirth has not yet appeared. What will arise out of the ashes of the reorganization? That has not been given, and that non-giving is pure, is holy, and is one of the fierce and deflating expressions of love.

An old dream has dissolved, and a new one is forming, but has not yet erupted into conscious awareness. It’s okay to feel anxious, shaky, and a bit disoriented. There is pregnant, overflowing, full-spectrum creativity inside the core of the death. Rather than scramble to get out of it and exchange it for the known, the invitation is to turn into it, for in its center is a hidden gold.

Return back into your senses. Touch the earth. Look up in the sky. Listen to the birds. The wind, the sun, the moon, and the stars – the trees, an owl, a deer, a color. There is vision everywhere.

While it may seem confusing and overwhelming to a mind longing for solidity, love will never ask you to abandon your present experience and trade it in for another. For each of her children, each member of your inner family, is an illumined portal into the sacred.

Look carefully, for your lovers are everywhere.

Photo by Donnchadh Murphy

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