Monday, January 30, 2017

The new path is beginning to appear

When you are triggered and have become overwhelmed – when the emotions and somatic eruption has taken you outside your window of tolerance – it is likely your core narrative is nearby. What do you believe about yourself? About relationships? About why you have come here? About whether it is safe to take a risk or to lead with your vulnerability?

This material, the template through which you have engaged the mystery until now, is close and nearby. It is circling around you, not to harm or work against you, but as a harbinger of integration. It is longing to be re-written, re-imagined, and re-dreamed with new vision.
In a moment of constellation and of flooding, infuse the environment with sacred pause. Using your breath and the open spaciousness of your awareness, make a journey inside the emotions, the sensations, and into the old stories that are now longing to be updated with revelation.

Enter into relationship with the narrative and ask it to reveal itself: why it has come, how it is trying to protect you, and what it needs from you now. Practice intimacy without fusing. Embody the sacred middle. Hold it near and honor it for all it has done for you, but with an empowered, fiery compassion, let it know that it is time for an update. And that it will be love that is downloading the upgrade.

And then, with capacities you did not have as the narrative was formed, you can begin the journey of encoding new circuitry, of laying down a new pathway. With presence, kindness, and the wisdom you have gathered, you can update the narrative and weave a new story, one that is more current, integrated, accurate, and whole.

Together, with the seen and unseen allies gathering by your side, you can make meaning of the fear, the anxiety, the depression, and the way your life has unfolded until now. Something is being asked of you and the new path is beginning to appear. Stay close. 

Ask another to bear witness with you, as this reorganization is an immense undertaking of courage. Find a therapist, a lover, a friend, a teacher, a tree, a bird, a dog, a mountain, the sky, the sun, or the moon. Allow them to hold you as you open, and see now what is most true.

Art by Josh Adamski

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