Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Filled with sacred data

When you are hooked and your emotional world is on fire, slow way, way down. Touch your heart. Send awareness into the muddy earth. For just a moment, drop under the vivid storyline into the hot, sticky, claustrophobic energy surging in your body. Into a sea of information.

An old, orphaned aspect of yourself is expressing its longing. It is yearning to be allowed back home, so that it may reclaim its place in the internal family. Open your raw heart. Stay close. And listen.

Please know me. Please hold me. Please care for me. Provide sanctuary where we can come into relationship once again. I am not here to harm you, only to remind you of how whole you truly are. I am filled with sacred data, but it can only be released into a field of kindness.
Love would never turn from one of her children. Likewise, let us not turn from the guests of the heart, but provide a warm home where they can rest from a long journey. Once rested, they will illuminate the way ahead.

Photographer unknown

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