Tuesday, February 21, 2017

One of love's children

At times, as a sensitive human being, an image will appear. A sign. A symbol. A symptom. An emotion. A feeling. A sensation. Ripping through your body.

While it may appear that this one is working against you, it comes bearing an invitation. As a harbinger of integration. Asking you to slow down. To remember what is most important. And to honor the unique journey you are on.

Before you turn from the fire, enter inside it. With your breath, your awareness, and with an open and curious heart, descend into the center. With the earth as your witness, you are here.

See that nothing is happening to you from the outside. An old, orphaned aspect of yourself is expressing its longing. One of love’s children is seeking to be readmitted into the inner family. Stay close and listen carefully, as the request emerges out of a thundering silence:

Please know me. Please hold me. Please care for me. Please remember. Please provide sanctuary where we can come into relationship again. I am not here to harm you. Only to remind you of how whole you truly are, and the revolutionary implications of what it means to be alive. And where we are headed next.

Photo credit: Sangre de Cristos mountains on the New Mexico/ Colorado border, by Krista Ahlfors

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