Friday, February 3, 2017

The magic of your own heart

It’s so natural to want to alleviate disturbing feelings, transform difficult emotions, and heal unexplainable somatic manifestations. This yearning need not be pathologized, but held in spacious awareness. Honor the longing for relief, while simultaneously opening into the mystery.

Before you turn from the symptom, enter into relationship with it. Practice intimate communion with the signs, the symbols, the images, and the feelings. Travel into the center of the sensations, the emotions, and the ancient core beliefs. Drop inside the vulnerability, the achiness, the claustrophobia, and sink into the hot, sticky surging field of the inner world, illuminating the pathways with the light of awareness.

Remember the vow you once made to no longer abandon what you are. Surround the fire with the cooling rains of embodied, attuned resonance, flooding the crucible of your body with the waters of slowness, curiosity, and kindness.

Hold the symptom close. Set aside the habitual movement to trace back its origins, or to become lost in conditioned interpretation, which will only keep you orbiting around the aliveness that is attempting to break through. The symptom is a portal into wholeness, but this mystery has been lost in a world that has forgotten. As an archeologist of the heart, you will unlock the mystery for the benefit of beings everywhere. For this work is never for ourselves alone.

Enter inside, slow down, and open: What is the purpose of this visitor? Why has it come? What guidance is it offering for the way ahead? Where is it leading me? What is its secret meaning?

Listen carefully. Are you being asked to change something about your life? To remember what is most important to you? How have you lost contact with the magic of your own heart, and the erupting reality of the sacred world?

While it may appear that they symptoms are devoid of meaning, random, and are working against you, things are not always as they seem. Your true nature is that of relentless creativity, and love will appear in infinite forms in order to remind you of what is truly happening here in this lonely, luminous star.
There is seen and unseen guidance all around you, though it may never look quite like you imagined. Inside your body is consecrated and outrageous intelligence. In this sense, healing is not found in the removal of the symptom, but in the intimate union with it. 

The freedom you are longing for will never be found in the eradication of the unwanted, but only in the transmuting love and information it carries.

Photo: the raw, beating heart-field of Orion Nebula

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