Thursday, February 23, 2017

You are endless

It is possible to discover that the purpose of the journey is not to solve our problems or make us happy. And by insisting that our inquiry, our practices, and even our intimate relationships function primarily in this way we vastly limit what they are truly offering.

As emissaries of wholeness and depth, they have seeded an invitation within you. To proclaim once and for all with the earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars as your witness. With the roar of a lion or lioness, shouting from the rooftop that you will no longer abandon your surging immediate experience, pathologize your sensitivity, or turn from your raw achy heart. But only honor and bow to the altar of your tender not-knowing.

As you continue along the way, yes, sometimes your problems will be solved, sometimes the symptoms will go away, sometimes the feelings you like will replace the ones you’d prefer be banished into the dark wood. But your inquiry is no longer oriented around replacement. It is far too wild, unprecedented, and creative for all that. As a pure expression of your love of the truth, it is full-spectrum. For your longing will never be satisfied by that which is partial.

Love has brought you to this very place that you are now, as it continues its journey to know itself, through you and as you – by way of your perception, emotions, feelings, and imagination; and by the signs and symbols that it places along your path. Not so that you can fix something that is broken, or even “heal” in any conventional sense, but so that you can connect more deeply with your longing, to more clearly hear the call of the beloved within you, and become more and more transparent the feast of the offering that has been laid out before you: To be fully alive to and to fully participate in the mystery as it makes its way into the world of time and space.

No longer oriented in how to get from “here to there,” but endlessly fascinated with how it is that love wishes to infuse “here” with its qualities. The path is endless. You are endless. Your heart is endless. And love will continue to reveal this endlessness to you, in ways that are at times peaceful, sweet, and soaked in pure joy. At other times, as wrathful, disturbing, and awash with the transmutation of the dark.

Both equally grace and appearing now as vehicles of love, and as infinite doorways into who and what you are. And what is to come.

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New book – The Path is Everywhere: Uncovering the Jewels Hidden Within You – to be released in April