Sunday, June 3, 2018

A tender not-knowing

In whatever form the visitor appears - as an intimate partner, child, friend, or as one who triggers and annoys you… as an animal, message, vision, or the moon… these ones long to know you, to dance with you, for permission to penetrate and be penetrated by you. To not have to hold back in their yearning to know you all the way through, to mingle their essence with you, to love and be loved.

The inner and outer travelers ache for that quivering in your heart, for your tender not-knowing. To stand in awe as you touch this world together, not as an expert or master, but as an amateur and beginner… sometimes broken, sometimes whole, sometimes a mess, but always alive. No longer oriented in mastery or perfection, but in tending to and caretaking the soul - yours, theirs, and the soul of the world.

When we are totally unclothed - of all the old concepts and fantasies of a life without vulnerability - love will show us what we are. When the known crumbles away, all that remains is this tender heart. There is nothing more alive than that. There is nothing more sacred than that. There is nothing safer than that.

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The Path is Everywhere: A Weekend Intensive, June 15-18 in Loveland, Colorado

The Great Befriending: A Five-Day Journey of Self-Love, Deep Rest, and Coming Alive (with Jeff Foster), September 21-26 in Loveland, Colorado