Monday, June 11, 2018

To infuse the material with love

It really is a conundrum, this being human: we want to heal but we don’t want to be too vulnerable, take too much risk, or provide a home for that shaky, tender, unguarded life that is sure to be there to meet us at the threshold.

Yes, there may be some excitement about the whole thing, imaginations of a life beyond conditioning. But another part of us senses what true healing actually requires, which is the end of the world as we have come to know it.

Rather than move to resolve the conundrum by way of process and time, the invitation is directly into its core, which is where we will find the water of life. The contradiction is holy, alive, and an expression of luminosity. Here, the beloved is not separate from the conundrum but is taking form as its very essence. In fact, it is His or Her actual body.

This entire display has been placed inside us as a gift and benediction, the prima materia we have been given to work with in our lives, that exact material that has come into the vessel for us to tend to and heat with breath, curiosity, compassion, and clear-seeing.

The commitment is not primarily to shift, change, transform, or even heal, but to participate, to infuse the material with love. By doing this we return it to nature where it will be transmuted according to a timeline written in the stars.

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