Tuesday, June 12, 2018

If we will allow it

We are relational beings with open, sensitive, vulnerable hearts and mirror neurons and can offer one another so much. To listen to one another and attune deeply to what our sisters and brothers are feeling and how they are making meaning of their experience.

To not shame the story they are telling or the ways they have come to imagine themselves and the world but to hold it in a spacious, compassionate, merciful awareness. To allow it to touch us as we embrace the unknown together.

To truly allow the other to matter, to remember what is most important, to be held by the oceans and the trees, to fall to the ground in awe as the sun yields so that the moon and the stars may make their offerings once again.

In the busyness of the inner and outer worlds, we can so easily forget the miracle that is unfolding here moment by moment.

The rarity and preciousness of the whole thing, being broken and whole together, never quite knowing how love will shift shapes and take form, even during difficult times. It can take our breath away. If we will allow it.

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The Path is Everywhere: A Weekend Intensive, June 15-18 in Loveland, Colorado

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