Thursday, June 7, 2018

A great meeting

A great meeting is being assembled. Inside, the guests begin to arrive: the achy one, the confused one, the vulnerable one, and the one who is uncertain about what is coming next. The unworthy one, the scared one, the one who is falling apart.

Even the joyful one, the excited one, the creative one, for these too have struggled to find their place in a world that cannot contain the life that flows through them.

At times, it can seem that certain guests are obstacles on the journey, come to cloud perception and interfere with our longing for connection, freedom, and aliveness. But in another moment, the veil is pulled back and the path appears everywhere.

It is not as if the path is here and the uninvited guests are over there, and that the journey will continue when these ones have been eradicated. The guests are the path, the very rocks and stones and mud and dirt that form it. They come not as enemies to obstruct, but as allies to reveal.

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My next two events: 

The Path is Everywhere: A Weekend Intensive, June 15-18 in Loveland, Colorado

The Great Befriending: A Five-Day Journey of Self-Love, Deep Rest, and Coming Alive (with Jeff Foster), September 21-26 in Loveland, Colorado