Friday, August 11, 2017

Please don't wait any longer

Even though you sense an unknown world of aliveness around you, it is not accessible until the spell that you are undeserving is broken. This trance is subtle and deeply embedded, the result of both personal and collective misperception.

The cleansing of this perception requires full-spectrum emotional attunement and reorganization at psychic, somatic, and transpersonal levels. But the required wisdom is already here. It is not something you need to create by way of an exhaustive project of self-improvement.

Inside your body and embedded in the natural world are signs, symbols, and guidance for the way ahead. But you must take a radical risk for the veil to part. It might not always feel safe and is sure to unleash the allies of disappointment, deflation, and heartbreak – pure emissaries of the sacred world.

The risk you must take is to finally be yourself. To flood this world with all of you. To no longer apologize for what is burning inside. To honor your longing. To see the majestic brilliance of what you are. To no longer postpone full participation. To not hold back from what you know is most important. To not wait any longer.

You are not broken or in need of fixing, nor is something cosmically wrong with you that must be repaired by way of process and time. You need not even be “healed” in any conventional sort of sense. Held, not healed. Open into the longing, the tender, the shaky, and the raw, as they course through you to be integrated.

While alive around you now, the new vision cannot be released into a field of self-abandonment, self-aggression, or into an environment where you are subtly pathologizing your ripening vulnerability. Only into a meadow of spacious awareness and fierce compassion, where the circuitry can be re-encoded.

This journey will inevitably require an encounter with the darkness and thus will not be all that popular. There are no quick steps, no fantasies of consistent feelings of happiness, no guarantees of getting everything we want. In the crucible the raw material for the work of love is found, buried inside the rage, the emptiness, the heartbreak, and the disappointment.
It is unprecedented here. A place of wisdom and pure creativity. Nothing is to be discarded any longer. The path is everywhere.

Art by Gustav Vigeland, c/o the Vigeland Park in Oslo

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