Saturday, August 19, 2017

An archaeologist of love

Buried inside even our deepest neuroses are the raw materials of love.

In the tantric and alchemical traditions, those less-than-awakened thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses, and raw sensations are the prima materia for us to play with and to transmute into pure wisdom essence.

The shit, the piss, the dirt, the darkness, and the failures. The disappointment, the unworthiness, the deflation, the raging shame. The reality that things were never going to turn out the way we imagined. These are the sacred materials we have to work with as alchemists of our own lives.

Hidden within the vulnerable, the orphaned, and the abandoned, life energy is gathering within the crucible. Can you sense it nearby? Can you feel it gathering? Not to harm or to obstruct you, but as allies of integration. As emissaries come to hold the opposites as they surge within you.

There is no greater temple than your raw, tender, whole and shattered heart. There is no mystery vaster than the interior of your own body, where the ascendant and descendant intertwine, where the lunar and the solar dance and play as one.

Go into your heart and find the consecrated material. Excavate it. Travel inside the pathways inside you and see. Listen. Sense. Call on the natural world and the unseen ones to help you. Become an archaeologist of love.

Within the container at the center, the gold is longing to be known, to be touched, to be held, for its true nature to be revealed: that of pure luminosity.

Surround what you discover with the warmth of your loving presence. Flood it with curiosity and awareness. Infuse it with the erupting, unapologetic compassion of the stars.

Photo: from the holding field of Heart Nebula, constellation Cassiopeia

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