Saturday, April 29, 2017

A hope from beyond...

While the work of integration and encoding new circuitry is not easy, and requires just about everything we have, there is hope. While it can seem like moving a mountain, the pathways are open, translucent, and not as solid as they appear. In their own way, they long to be reorganized into more integrated and cohesive forms. They are hopeful that they will be restructured.

I do not speak all that often about hope, as I am a great fan of hopelessness as a wrathful and transformative companion on the path. There is magic inside hopelessness but the art of mining that gold has been lost in our modern world. You can still find it, it is buried inside your heart.

It is not some disembodied, theoretical, philosophical hope that is offered here. It is embodied, untamed, creative, and alive. It is not a hope that things will always turn out the way we want them to, or that love will always conform to our hopes and fears, or some surety that our most cherished dreams will not be shattered. It is much more radical than that.

It is a hope that is a wild sort of confidence in your true nature, which has never been unhealed. It is the kind of hope that you stand on the rooftop, shout out in the four directions, and embody with the sun, the moon, and the stars as your witness.

It is the hope of wholeness, and the utter workability and sacredness of your emotions, your feelings, and the temple that is your own body. It is the hope that your vulnerability, your tender heart, and your ripe being is a gift here, without which the planets may fall out of orbit.

It is the kind of hope that is not passive, but is the material of revolution.

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