Thursday, May 30, 2019

One of love's children

At times, as a sensitive human being, an image will appear. A sign. A symbol. A message. A symptom. An emotion. A feeling. A sensation. Rippling through your body. Tenderizing your heart. Perhaps uninvited, something is familiar about it, but it also carries the signature of otherness.

While it may appear that this one is working against you, it comes bearing an invitation. Asking you to slow down. To listen. To remember what is most important, something that may have been lost in the dizzying projects of the inner and outer worlds.

Before you turn from the fire, look inside it. Step into the interior. With curiosity, breath, and awareness, offer safe passage for this one to rest from a long journey, to disclose and share its unique essences and qualities.

An old, orphaned, inner soul-piece is expressing its longing. One of love’s children is yearning to come home:

“Please know me. Please hold me. Please care for me. Please remember. Please provide sanctuary where we can dance and play and paint and draw and dream together. I am not here to harm you. Only to remind you of something vast and majestic and blue and gold… and of the revolutionary implications of what it means to be alive.”

Art by DarkWorkX/ Dorothe

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