Wednesday, December 5, 2018

To care for yourself in a new way

In a moment of activation, the emissaries arrive. Spinning, twirling, visitors from another time and place. Not come to harm but to reveal, for reunion.

A great meeting is being assembled. Invited guests and uninvited, weary travelers, exhausted from a lifetime of seeking light, those inner figures representing heartbreak, joy, grief, and aliveness.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by habitual, ruminative thinking, in the cascading and looping, the grooved-in pathways of disembodiment and self-abandonment appear, whispering, “come this way. It is safe here.”

With the power and presence of the warrior’s sword of compassion, stand on the rooftop and proclaim, “No, not this time. This time I choose differently.”

Slow down and feel your feet on the ground. Breathe deeply into your lower belly. Shift out of the spinning and into the aliveness of the body. While it may appear otherwise, safety is found inside the visitor, in her core, in his essence, and is revealed by way of empathic attunement.

It is an act of kindness to not fuel the dysregulating narrative, a radical act which takes practice, courage, and the willingness to fail. Something is erupting under the surface, longing to be integrated and allowed back home, but it is uncertain, raw, and unknown.

The invitation is into the shaky interior, with the breath as guide into the darkened landscape. Dare to care for yourself in a new way. With a fierce kindness, drop underneath the conditioned history and into the hot, claustrophobic, pregnant life that is surging to be held. Bear witness to the wisdom unfolding there.

At times, we must set aside our agenda to understand, change, even to heal… for a moment. We can return to transformation later once we have come back online and into the safety and regulation of now, when the self-abandonment has been reorganized with newer circuitry of empathic holding.

In doing this we call off the war. We dare to practice peace. To step off the battlefield and into the mystery. Here we bear witness to the opposites as they co-emerge, spin, and swirl, revealing a third presence that is majestic and alive.

Photo: within the holding field of Heart Nebula

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