Friday, December 21, 2018

A temple of rest

There is a certain excitement as we step into new territory, but it can also generate disorientation as we sense a pending confrontation with the unknown.

This disorientation is not an some error or cosmic mistake to be remedied by way of process, but a sacred expression of the burning of the ashes of an old world, reminding us that it was never going to turn out the way we thought.

The pain of this realization, the achy longing in the heart, the crumbling of an old dream are the foundation for new life and the creative essence of the death-rebirth cycle.

We must be kind to ourselves during times of transition, honoring the implications of what it truly means to heal and for our perception to be cleansed.

To slow down and soften as we are asked to provide sanctuary for the wounds, grief, and unfelt joys of a lifetime, as we offer a temple of rest where the disowned inner travelers can gather and return.

Photo by Jordy Meow/ Tokyo

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