Tuesday, December 25, 2018

How well did I love?

Sending love to my friends everywhere on this Christmas day. Thank you for sharing your sacred stories, pain, and joy with me in 2018 and for reminding me of the courage, bravery, and wildness of the human heart.

It a world that at times can forget so easily, we learn to pretend there is something more that matters. Thank you for helping me remember what is most important. To take a risk in allowing another to matter, to allow this life to truly matter. To care more, not less. To set aside the fantasy of transcending our vulnerability and sensitivity, and instead making use of the broken and the tender as passageways into the heart of the world. To no longer stay on the sidelines, but to fully participate in the bounty that has been placed inside and around us.

To allow Christ to be born inside our hearts, raging and alive, buried in the core of our cells, organs, and synapses, overflowing with the water of life. To behold that wisdom essence as it re-colors our perception, cleanses our imagination, and bathes our nervous system in rest, creativity, breath, and new life.

May we pause today in awe, take a break from the holiday madness and remember the gift of life. To behold the utter majesty of what it really means to have been given a human body, the chance to touch the earth, listen to the birds, and explore the mystery with our fellow travelers.

On this new day, let us share the most profound gift of our presence, listening carefully to others and what is most alive in their hearts. To care deeply about how they are making meaning of their experience and what brings their hearts alive. To remember that just like us they only want to be safe, happy, and free.

To speak words of kindness, to touch and hold them and do what we can so that they feel felt. To validate their emotional worlds and provide safe haven for their essence to unfold in the field between. To bear witness to the majesty of pure spirit as it comes into this miracle world of time and space.

And to remember that in the end, when we are passing from this world, there may be only one thing that truly matters: how well did I love when I was here.