Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Embodiment to the majestic

Inevitably we will be asked to tend to the heart as it breaks in response to a life and a world that is simultaneously devastating as it is precious.

Tending to the broken does not necessarily require that we mend the heart, for this may not be what it truly wants. If we listen, it will tell us whether it needs to be repaired or whether it is longing for something else.

At times, the invitation is to fall to the ground in response to the pain, in surrender to the darkened magnificence of it all. Awestruck at the light hidden there and the bounty that has been laid out before us.

To allow ourselves to fall apart. To fail. To get back up. To be humbled again.

To start over. To be a beginner. To realize we are and always will be an amateur at the ways of love. Unsure and uncertain as to what this life is asking of us or why we’re here. But somehow we open more, and break more, and close, only to open, break, and close yet again.

To make this journey with our fellow travelers, and the sun, the moon, and the stars. And realize together how little we know in the face of it all.

But in the core of this unknowing, in the embodiment to that level of majesty and creativity, somehow it is enough, more than enough that we have been given. 

Photo of Mystic Mountain within Carina Nebula via the Hubble telescope

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