Thursday, May 31, 2018

Wisdom in the dark

During times of transition it can seem as if things are falling apart, which they are. At times, initiation must come by way of dissolution to offer revelation not available when things are clear and held together. It is as if an ancient part of ourselves, a fellow traveler who has accompanied us for so long is no longer permitted to continue the journey by our side. The crumbling of an old dream—my life and the way I was sure it was all going to turn out.

This prior soul-companion might be another person or it can be an ally of the inner landscape—an image, feeling, memory, idea, or lens through which we’d been seeing ourselves and others; any emotionally-significant part of our world that has finished its time here. It must complete the sacred return.

In order to be initiated in this way and to fully participate in the emerging creative cycle, we must slow down, return into the earth and attune to the music, poetry, and high-voltage guidance found in the depths. At times, this art may take form as nothingness, flatness, numbness, and cloudy vision. There may always be an urgency to cut into the dissolution and get to the next phase as quickly as possible. But there is wisdom in the dark which is preparing the vessel for the next illumination.

Allow the old to wash away and grieve the recycling of the passing form. This grief is holy and opens the heart to imagination and revisioning.

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