Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Bowing to the altar of Here

The path of the heart is not only one of transcendence, where we move from matter to spirit. It is also one of descent, of dance and play and failure and joy, beholding the mystery as it spirals out of the heavens and into the earth; into the mud, the mess, the chaos, and the unknown. To accompany love as its fellow traveler, as it emerges out of the stars and infuses material.

This latter movement is not usually quite as clean, white, invulnerable, safe, or protected. It is unclothed: of fixed concept, a clear map, and knowing how it’s all going to turn out. No solid reference point to organize around, we are naked, unsure, but alive.

At points along the way, the movement from “here” to “there” is washed away and is replaced by wonder. No longer quite as interested in completing some mythical journey, we stand in awe at the ways spirit infuses time and space, comes into matter, and reveals the sacred world.

While “there” is as valid a fantasy as any, at times we are asked to bow down to the altar of “here,” realizing that our lives are more than one grand improvement project. On that altar we discover our fears, disappointments, joys, and realizations. Our grief, our dreams, our lovers, our pain.

By revering those objects and stepping into the vessel with them they reveal themselves from the inside out, illuminated with that same substance that keeps the planets from falling out of the sky.

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