Thursday, August 2, 2018

Return to the inner temple

There is spirit buried inside matter, but we must peer beyond the veil and see. Multiplicity is just as holy as oneness, sound as sacred as silence, form as pure as the formless, when embraced within the heart.

While the trance there is something wrong is sticky and seductive, it melts as the urgency of becoming is replaced with the slowness of presence. Sink into the earth, enter her colors, and renew the vow once made to not abandon the senses. We are conditioned to find a problem where there is an invitation.

Place your hands on your heart. Attune to the aliveness of the somatic flow. Follow the breath back into essence. Return into the inner temple. Stay there. And listen.

Photo – with the gnomes, forest creatures, and luminous river beings deep in the woods of Finland

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