Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A mystery coming into form

From the perspective of exhaustion and the longing for rest, it is compassionate to seek relief from the uncertainty and to soothe an overstimulated nervous system. Honor the need for regulation and practice self-compassion. Dare to care for yourself in wild and new ways.

From the perspective of open awareness, uncertainty and aliveness are one. In the center of the shakiness is immense creativity. From within the core, there is nothing to transform, no new person to become, and no healing which must first occur before you can fully show up and participate here.

Your life is not a project to be solved, but a mystery coming into form.

While the mind may spin in the attempt to resolve the energies of being and becoming, buried inside the paradox is wisdom and new life. We need not resolve the mystery but enter into it more deeply. Inside is a primordial sort of rest, which is discovered not through the resolution of questions, but by way of intimacy with the contradictions.

Though the activity of love is infinitely tender and holding, in its essence it is everything. It is devastating as it is the end of one world, glorious as it is the beginning of another.

-- Photo of Lamayuru, home for a summer, long ago, dreaming of the golden. I’ll never forget coming into Lamayuru after staying in Kashmir on the lake – the awe, the space, and the majesty of it all. It is like the moon there.

Photo by Dietmar Temps c/o Shutterstock

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