Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Multiplicity and oneness

The goal is not to eliminate separation and urgently replace it with oneness. While we may have a bias for unity over multiplicity, love does not share this bias and is equally interested in both as pure expressions of its essence. Each are golden arrows in the quiver of the beloved as she unfolds herself into the world of time and space.

If we stay embodied to waves of feeling, including those feelings of being separate, we will not find any suffering there—only raw vivid life as it surges within us. If we will open our heart to the unresolvable dance of the one and the many, we will find the mystery alive in the center.

When we become too literalized in our fantasies of unity and oneness, we lose touch with the mystery that these concepts can only point to, but never fully reveal. Life is infinite and we contain multitudes. We are a vast playground in which lover and beloved co-emerge and embrace both separation and union, curious to know everything about what it is like to have a human heart and nervous system, in no hurry to transcend our vulnerability or escape to some other dimension.

Let us play and dream together in the mountain peaks of unity and oneness, and also in the rich fertile meadows of separation and multiplicity, willing to fully participate in the full-spectrum.

To stand in awe as we bear witness to the varied expressions of the beloved as they overflow here, each as portals into the sensual world.

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