Sunday, July 8, 2018

One instant of pure kindness

When your emotional world is on fire and you are looping in the claustrophobia of ruminative thought, slow down and return attention into the spaciousness of the body.

In one instant of pure kindness, shift awareness out of the swirling narrative and open the temple. Offer a home for the uninvited ones to rest from the long journey of becoming.

Drop underneath the colorful storyline and into the animated world of feeling, sensation, and presence. You can return to the characters and their dramatic journeys at a later moment, after the arousal has been soothed with empathic holding.

From that grounded, earthy center, you will be given clearer access from which to articulate and make sense of what happened, re-authoring the story in more integrated, more illumined, and less shadowy ways.

Once you locate the intensity, flood it with curiosity, breath, and life. Cut into the sense of urgency with love and open. Listen. Receive.

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The Great Befriending: A Five-Day Journey of Self-Love, Deep Rest, and Coming Alive (with Jeff Foster), September 21-26 in Loveland, Colorado 

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