Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Opening a portal into wholeness

To whatever degree we have not provided sanctuary for unmet feelings of abandonment, loneliness, shame, and rage, we can count on our partners, children, and close friends to continue to offer this opportunity to us in a seemingly endless number of ways.

How painful. How excruciating. What grace.

It is outrageous what love will do to reach us… the relentlessness of the symbols, signs, and guidance, shapeshifting and taking unexpected forms in order to open a portal into wholeness.

A sunrise, a tree, an unknown longing that appears early in the morning. The moon, a deer, the water, the clouds… the flow of emotion within you. While these ones may appear as ordinary visitors on an ordinary day on an ordinary star… look again. Listen. Feel. Taste. Touch. As they dance their way into being, they pull back the veil so you can peer into the infinite, astonished by what is happening behind the scenes. It is anything but ordinary inside the crucible of your heart.

As we descend into the muddy earth and ascend into the heavens, we reclaim our birthright as embodied, tender, vulnerable human beings. Willing to fall apart, to be a mess, to not know how it will all turn out, to forget and remember, and to return over and over again into the mind of the beginner. Willing to participate fully in the chaotic glory and rare opportunity that has been provided here, to bear witness to the activity of love as it makes its way into form.

There are no experts and no masters on the path of love, only her humble servants. Ever at the feet of the beloved as she pours her body into the world of time and space… standing in awe at the miracle, at the luminous play of dark and light, and the unfolding union of spirit and matter.

Artist unknown

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