Monday, May 8, 2017

Magic in the forest

It is so alive in the forest today, the light losing and finding itself: the yin, the moist, and the receptive, overflowing with Shakti and the golden wet essence. It is ripe and the moon is here… the unseen ones have gathered for an extraordinary meeting.

The honored guests are hidden members of the inner family: the achy, confused, and vulnerable ones, and the one who is uncertain about what is coming next. The one who has lost hope, unsure about why she is here, unable to fit into a world that has become lost in the trance of becoming.

It is pregnant here and so open, but too wild and imaginative to conform to your hopes, fears, and the way you thought it was all going to turn out. Here the grand project of self-improvement has no meaning, for the crucible is enchanted with love, no longer any possibility for the perception of an “incomplete moment.”

Yes, it can seem the guests are obstacles along the way, clouding your path and interfering with your longing for intimacy and aliveness. But in one moment of embodiment and clear seeing, it is revealed that the path is everywhere, and that the nature of any obstacle, when metabolized in luminous awareness, is pure wisdom, none other than the direct way home.

Something is being reorganized, but it’s not possible to know who you will be on the other side. It’s just too unprecedented. The activity of love is relentless, sending its high-voltage emissaries of deflation, shakiness, and melancholy to reveal wholeness and the unfolding reality of the natural great perfection.

Drop into the muddy earth by way of the descendent current and into the sacredness and purity of matter. Here, the seemingly solid dividing line between awareness and the forms which arise within it falls away and dissolves into the holding of the stars.

Love will continue to appear in new and ever-creative configurations, so that it may seed new forms in the majesty of the here and now. And in the union of inner and outer nature, form and formless are revealed to be one, of the same substance.

What you are is magic. Your heart is magic. Please don’t forget what you are.

Photo: deep in the light-forest of Karnaistenkorpi, Finland

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