Sunday, February 24, 2019

The gift of a broken heart

At times, disappointment will appear as our most sacred guide, breaking our heart so that an old dream may be liberated and provided safe passage into the other world.

It can ache as we realize it was never going to turn out the way we thought, but it is through this dissolution that a new form may emerge. Honoring the forms of love as they appear in our lives requires that we allow these forms to continue without us. This ache is holy and is evidence that you are always heard and always seen.

While it may seem so clear that our task is to mend our broken heart, we must ask the heart if it wishes to be mended. And listen carefully to its response. For if we mend the heart too quickly, we lose contact with the water of life, pouring out of the brokenness and into a world that needs it now more than ever.

We can remove the burden that we will ever resolve the activity of love for it is just too vast, creative, and majestic for all that. While we will never be able to “integrate” love into our lives, we can rest and dance and play knowing that it is always integrating us.

Photo by Mabel Amber

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