Thursday, February 7, 2019

Allowing an old dream to dissolve

While at times we may feel inspired about the vision for a new way of being, some surrender is required to shepherd the forthcoming birth, a willingness to allow our lives as we have known them to reorganize and an old dream to dissolve.

At a deep level, we know that we cannot simply place the new on top of the old, but must allow what has come before to be incinerated in the fires of love and transmuted, where the remaining raw material can be crafted into new life.

These contradictions can burn at times as they wash away the known, leaving us raw and uncertain. At times, we find hope, trust, courage, and confidence, while at other times these fellow travelers are nowhere to be found, somehow out of reach. They have been replaced by other companions, those carrying the burning, the longing, and our essential broken-openness.

While it is tempting to conclude that the latter are evidence of some failure or that we've done the path wrong or haven't surrendered enough, as always things are not as they appear. The return message has come, as it always will, but rarely in the form we expect.

Such is the way of the heart.

Photo by Bess Hamiti

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