Monday, October 22, 2018

What is wanting to be met now?

In a moment of activation, with the ally of the breath, shift your awareness out of the overwhelming narrative, for it is no longer safe there. The voices of the past, of a culture gone a bit mad, unable to hold and provide a home for the intelligence of the surging emotional landscape.

The invitation is into reimagination and dreaming a new dream. Telling a new story, reauthoring and reimagining how you see, play, and dance with self, others, and the world.

Carve a new pathway, one that does not drop you down the conditioned rabbit hole of unworthiness and self-blame, or that pathologizes your vulnerability, uncertainty, and shakiness. Reorganize the leftover grooves of an earlier time, by way of empathy, attunement, and embodied presence.

Conserve your precious life energy, remove it from that which is no longer working in your best interest, and direct into your belly, your heart, your throat, and your core. And ask: what is wanting to be met now? What is emerging for just a moment of curious awareness, not come as an enemy to harm, but as a harbinger of integration, an emissary of life?

In what way am I being asked to care for the vulnerable, the tender, and the shaky within me, to tend to myself in a new way?

Once the activation is cooled with the rains of loving kindness, you can then go back into the narrative itself with the magic of creative, visionary thinking and use the mind, the majestic brain, to reorganize… but doing so will be much more effective once the fire is tended to by staying close.

Replace the worn-out circuitry of shame, unworthiness, and self-abandonment with the emerging scaffolding of curiosity, compassion, and radical self-care. Return home. For it is from this home that we will be able to help others, to hold them, hear them, and meet the pain of the world in wild and creative new ways.

Photo by MabelAmber/ Amsterdam

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