Sunday, April 8, 2018

Burn until you are translucent

Confusion is not pathology, it is path. It has something to show us that clarity could never reveal. The nature of chaos is wisdom, but we must provide sanctuary to receive its essence. For this revelation will only release into an environment of a fiery, attuned kindness.

The feeling of disconnection is not neurotic, it is intelligent. It has something to show us that oneness could never reveal. Travel inside the felt sense and into the hidden passageways. And you will find the emissaries awaiting. The allies of multiplicity are not at war with oneness, but fellow travelers with them on a journey of wholeness. 

We are neither “separate” nor “one,” but the erupting holding field in which the energies of “separate” and “one” interpenetrate and dance the relative into being. While we may have a bias for oneness over multiplicity, it would appear that love does not share this bias and is ready at all times to employ either equally as its envoy here.

Our loneliness, rawness, broken-openness, and fear are not mistakes. This shaky vulnerability is not pathology, it is path. In this place, there are no “obstacles,” only endless invitations. 

The freedom we are longing for will never be found in the eradication of the unwanted, but only in attunement to the love and the information it carries.

Yes, at times the burning can appear unbearable. Such is the nature of the human heart. You may burn until you are translucent, but it is by way of this burning that wholeness is revealed.