Monday, April 2, 2018

Honoring the resurrection

In each unfolding moment, the archetypal activity of the crucifixion, resurrection, and transfiguration is being enacted inside us, as it simultaneously plays out within the natural world. Thoughts and feelings are arising, playing, dancing, decaying, and dying, mirroring the movement of the seasons, tides, myths, and patterns that are playing out underneath the surface.

Each image, dream, longing, and revelation… something unprecedented is attempting to break through. The visitors are gathering, placing their symbols, guidance, and poetry onto the altar in front of you.

What is being crucified within you, so that new forms may appear? What old dreams are asking to die and reconfigure so that new vision may emerge? What old ways of imagining yourself, others, and the world are being asked to be placed into the vessel for illumination and transformation? In what ways have you forgotten what is most important and found yourself not living the deepest truths that you have discovered?

How will you honor the resurrection that is longing to emerge though and as you on this new day?

The forms that love take will always be crucified, for this is the way of form. In order to resurrect, they must first decay, putrefy, and evaporate. This process is not evidence of error, but of wholeness.

Our relationships, work in the world, life circumstances, who we thought we were and what would provide meaning… the way we thought it would all turn out. At times and with the cycles our wild and unique inner nature, these must be sacrificed on the cross of the unknown, in order for resurrection to have roots in the earth and to come alive here.

Honor the forms of love as they appear, but allow them to depart so that they may continue their journey, for it is one of immense creativity. Yes, your heart may break as the forms dissolve in front of your very eyes, but it is by way of this breaking that you may be resurrected once again.

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