Thursday, February 15, 2018

An extraordinary meeting

While it may appear to be another ordinary day, an extraordinary meeting is being assembled. Inside your body the honored guests begin to arrive: the achy one, the confused one, the vulnerable one, and the one who is uncertain about what is coming next. The unworthy one, the scared one, the one who is falling apart.

At times, it can seem that certain members of the inner family are obstacles on the journey, come to cloud perception and interfere with our longing for connection. But in a moment of clear seeing, it is revealed that the path is everywhere.

Something is being reorganized, but it’s not possible to know who you will be on the other side. It’s just too creative. Too wild. Too unprecedented. The old reference points, the familiar identities, the once nourishing relationships… at time these are swept away so that new vision may arrive.

Love is always appearing in new and ever-creative configurations. It is relentless in its activity and will never give up in its journey to find us. While we may very naturally have a bias for the light, love does not appear to share this bias and will emerge at times as the darkness to remind us of something important we may have forgotten along the way.

Hidden in the sky, disguised in a sunrise, or buried in the muddy earth, love is a shapeshifter and will do what it must to infuse its qualities into form, revealing the inseparability of matter and spirit.

As your lovers, your children, your friends, and your feelings – as the colors, fragrances, and essences of the phenomenal world – even as the water and the deer and the trees and the wind, love will continue its journey, until the luminous purity of all form is unveiled. 

Sunrise nearby in Moraine Park, photo by Alex Burke 

The next two events are a five-day retreat, The Place the Light Enters, with Jeff Foster, April 4-9 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO

The Path is Everywhere: A Weekend Intensive, June 15-18 at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, CO