Monday, February 5, 2018

A vessel of attunement

As we slow down and pay attention to the sensation in our bodies, we prepare ourselves as a vessel of attunement. The alchemists spoke about the importance of preparing the inner vehicle so that transmutation could occur naturally, where the unmetabolized aspects of our experience can be converted into the gold of our true nature.

In this way, we can begin to discover the wisdom inherent in even our most difficult emotions, when they are brought into the vessel of presence. Once located inside, we heat them up with the fire of our curiosity, warmth, awareness, and compassion. Then we can finally see what they are, and what we are.

As we begin to integrate the various levels of our experience – and see how they weave together and craft our perception – we might become astonished at just how intelligent the journey truly is.

And how fortunate we are to have a body, to have senses, and to have a heart that is sometimes broken and sometimes whole. How rare that truly is. How unique this particular star truly is.

We may never know what it is like to take birth in another place where it may not be organized quite like this one, so for the short time we are here we could give our lives to this curiosity, to the painful, messy, chaotic, joyful, gloriousness of being an open, sensitive, tender human being.

Able to reflect on our experience, to know what it is like to have a heart and to navigate the mysteries of separation and union. To be able to see and hear and touch and feel the purity of form, and to know the sacredness of matter.

And from this awe and this revelation, to do whatever we can to help others. To listen to them. To hold them. To validate their feelings. To pay careful attention to the way they are making meaning of their experience. To be that attuned vessel where love can find safe passage here.

Image: from the holding field of Carina Nebula

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