Thursday, July 27, 2017

Be touched. Be vulnerable. Be alive.

There was an idea that as we healed, we would feel less – less shakiness, confusion, hopelessness, and rage. That as we awakened, the emotional spectrum would narrow, into some safe, consistent, happy, resolved calm, where we become impenetrable, where only flow and bliss and power emerged.

But when did power ever become the goal? Or untouchability? Love is not interested in that, not impressed by our power or invincibility. It is full-spectrum and longs for all of us, wants our burning, and yearns to penetrate even the most hidden, vulnerable places.

Maybe some old hope that as our hearts opened, the sensitivity would diminish, we’d be less at risk, feel safe all the time, and dwell eternally and gratefully “in the now.” But we are more unmasked, more raw, and more exposed than ever.

We wondered if we would be more detached, not care quite so much, not give a fuck, and rest as the “witness” beyond it all, protected from the fire of life in some safe place of observation. But everything and everyone matter now more than ever… though in a new way. It is risky to care and to give a fuck. Yet here we are.

It can be a bit disorienting to discover that love has very little interest in our safe witnessing, in our ability to manifest some sort of invulnerable state, and in being untouchable. Be touched. Be vulnerable. Be alive. Finally. Let it all fall apart for once, take a risk, get your heart broken. Fail brilliantly.

This shaky, raw, naked life is your true home. It is full-spectrum and overflowing with the qualities of warmth, kindness, creativity, spontaneity, and play. Rest there. Dance there. Remember what you are. For this world needs you now more than ever.

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