Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A guide of aliveness

It's okay to feel down, flat, a bit numb, and to be unsure about it all. It’s okay to forget who you are and why you have come here. Love will take infinite forms, even those of confusion, uncertainty, and forgetfulness, as it erupts here into the world of time and space.

It's okay for your heart to break when the forms of love dissolve around you, for this is their nature. Coming together and then falling apart, only to come together and fall apart again. Such is the dance of the great mystery as it unfolds. The birth and crumbling of form is not evidence of error or mistake, but of just how creative it really is here.

You need not shift your raw, tender unknowing into some "higher" vibration, or apply teachings so that it will transform into something else. It need not be let go, mended, or turned from, ever again. In the naked embrace of the life that is within you, it will self-liberate and reveal its nature.

Your shaky, open sensitivity is complete and pure on its own. It is a bridge of light and dark through which you can connect with life, with the sun, the trees, the moon, and the stars. And with the open, sometimes broken, sometimes whole hearts of beings everywhere.

Stay close to your disappointment, the tenderness, and the breaking of your heart, for this deflation is a special emissary of reorganization. Rather than turn from it, shame it, dissociate, or enter into battle, surround it with the warmth of your own presence. Intimacy, without fusion. Go there.

In this way the heartbreak will be revealed to be what it is, a hidden wisdom-guide of aliveness, come to remind you of something you may have forgotten in the course of a busy life, and just how vast it is inside you.

Art by Robert Jahns aka Nois7

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