Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Free live webinar with Matt next Thursday the 25th

I'll be presenting a free live webinar on January 25 at 9am PT/ 5pm in London, on "Turning the Light: The Mystery of Presence and Attuning to the Creative Unknown."

>> Register for the webinar at no cost here 

It’s so easy to lose contact with the experience of mystery and aliveness, where we’re spending time each day in play with reality, and in those nourishing organic embodied states of imagination, awe, wonder, and the joy of Being itself.

Things have gotten so speedy, shaky, and uncertain in the collective. It’s as if there’s a slow drip of cortisol or adrenaline coming out of the matrix and into our sensitive bodies and nervous systems.

It’s vital that we take time each day to slow down, to shift our awareness out of the collective trance and the urgency of the spin, and into the body, the heart, and the imaginal world, where we can truly listen to the Soul and the guidance it has for us.

During our time together, I’ll speak about:

-- Stepping out of the matrix of the collective and attuning to the wisdom of the body and the imagination

-- Creating an inner holding environment for ourselves and the scattered pieces of soul in times of transition, liminality, and stress

-- The mysterious link between relational trauma, a broken heart, and the sacred; the wounded healer and the path of initiation

-- Trusting in the soul and the ways it relentlessly and wildly pulls us toward wholeness, including by way of our sensitivities and “symptoms”

I look forward to spending some time with everyone on Thursday, January 25!

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