Monday, January 16, 2023

Work Online with Matt in 2023


Dear friends, 

On Wednesday, I’ll be announcing the opening of my new 2023 (online/ yearlong) group exploring a soulful spirituality and path of embodied healing. Here's a description of one of the modules:


Much of our wounding occurs prior to the acquisition of language and is not able to be healed through the questioning and reorganization of patterns of thinking. In other words, we can’t think our way out of trauma, attachment, and relational wounding

When our capacity to process unbearable terror, panic, shame, and rage is overwhelmed, undigested pieces of experience are held subcortically and in our cellular circuitry, unreachable by thinking which is a layer removed from the fires of the alchemical body.

Encouragement to “just get over it, that’s totally irrational, you can’t really believe that, you know that’s not true” and so forth is experienced by an inflamed nervous system as the activity of violence and aggression.

It’s like an autonomic form of gaslighting and reflects a deep misunderstanding of trauma and the workings of implicit memory, and only contributes to re-traumatization, in personal, cultural, and collective networks.

In addition to shattering and unendurable experience – which is painful and terrifying enough – there is a profound sense of aloneness that goes with this, the sense that no one can understand, that there is no companionship into the dark night. I am alone in this. This is devastating to the soul.

When that raging alive little boy or aching little girl cries out longing to be held, known, felt, and heard, they’re really not all that interested in our clear cognitive analysis, rational inquiry, thoughts on the matter, or even our powerful spiritual insights. 

They’re yearning for something else… for you, your heart, your holding. To know that you will stay near, not abandon or shame them, that you will do your best to provide sanctuary and safe passage for them to return Home, to be allowed to come out of that crystallized, frozen state and live, play, and breathe once again.

In this way they don’t even want or need to be healed, but to be held. And to feel safe.

Together, we’ll open to the reality of the inner family and enter into a new relationship with the richness of our inner world. In this way, we start to discover that things may be a bit more alive, open, spacious, loving, and even magical than we thought.

Please look out for additional information later in the week if you're interested in learning more, and also be sure you're signed up to my mailing list if you're not already. 



Photo by Bess Hamiti