Saturday, April 9, 2022

Free Video: Trauma and the Wounded Healer

In this short webinar, I explore an embodied, contemporary, trauma-sensitive path of spirituality and healing through the archetype of the wounded healer.

>>Access the free video here 

Many of us interested in things like spirituality, yoga, and meditation have been wounded in our lives – physically, emotionally, or at a deeper soul level. How can we come to see our wounding not as an obstacle to our path, but as the very path itself?

The great mystics, poets, and alchemists have suggested that our wounding serves an initiation into the soul, but what does this mean and how does all of this fit into our modern understanding of trauma and its profound effects on our bodies and nervous systems?

In the video, we'll look at the nature of trauma, how trauma is healed through an “updating” of the neural networks which hold unprocessed material, and how a new relationship with our vulnerabilities, sensitivities, and eccentricities can be a portal into psychological growth, emotional healing, and spiritual transformation.

I hope you find the video interesting and helpful. 

Photo by IdaT