Sunday, July 5, 2020

The ally is revealed

As long as we have a body, there will be shadow. The goal isn’t to “get rid of” the shadow or even to “fully integrate” it, as its emanations are being ever created by way of psychic movement and creativity.

Rather, to illuminate and engage it more consciously, as partner, emissary, even lover. While at times it may appear as enemy, underneath the disguise the ally is revealed.

It is only through cultivating a relationship with it that we will not project its contents onto others or into the world… to allow it to take its rightful place in the larger ecology of what we are, as one voice or figure among many. In this way its wrathful intelligence can find its way here.

The shadow is not some worthless, neurotic repository of unenlightened thoughts, feelings, and impulses, but hidden expressions of wisdom, creativity, and soul, awaiting redemption and the light of awareness.

It is through the very natural and human process of projection that we come to know disavowed and previously undisclosed parts of ourselves, pieces of soul that have fallen out of awareness or have not yet found a proper portal for emergence.

That which we are unable to access, dancing and twirling within the personal and archetypal psyche, will make itself known as it is evoked in another or enacted within the relational field.

The purpose of shadow work is not to eliminate shadow. Shadow is not pathology but is path.

Photo by Anja/ cocoparisienne

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