Sunday, May 31, 2020

The purity of the wound

Many of us interested in spirituality, creativity, and healing have been wounded in our lives, whether physically, emotionally, or at a soul level: within the context of our relational histories, as the byproduct of intergenerational trauma, and through personal and archetypal betrayals as open and sensitive human beings.

In the face of this wounding, we experience discontent and dis-ease in relation to a world that has lost connection with the sacredness of the body, the sanctity of the emotions, the mysteries of nature, and our place in the stars. A soul loss that at times can manifest in certain forms of depression and dark night. This response is not pathology, but an emanation of wisdom.

While the grief can be overwhelming, some are starting to sense the immense power and high-voltage intelligence within the wound, sensing the alchemical silver and gold buried inside.

It is an act of mercy to tend to the wounded one, providing sanctuary and safe passage for them to come into this world, where they are so needed. To offer a home where this one can seed this place with their unique light.

It is not an easy life, that of the wounded healer – one that we do not choose consciously – but is the honorable inheritance of many who are called to the path. It requires that we walk in this world against the grain and remain open to further wounding and revelation of shadow.

For some, initiation occurs only by way of transition, illness, and loss… through an embodied confrontation with uncertainty, groundlessness, and psychic dismemberment. These are not signs of error or mistake, but a call to depth. For some of us, deeper healing will take form as more subtle unfolding of the wound in psyche and the body.

In the end, the goal is not to eliminate our woundedness, for this would sever our connection with life and annex the gifts of soul from this world. Not even to “heal” in any sort of conventional sense, but to uncover new myths, images, and metaphors through which we are able to touch, integrate, dance, and play within the love that has been given.

Not only for ourselves, but for others, for this planet, this star… for all sentient life.

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