Thursday, September 26, 2019

Online monthly community with Matt Licata - Befriending Yourself

Temporarily reopening enrollment to Befriending Yourself, my monthly online community with Jeff Foster.

Weekly teaching videos, guided meditations, and interactive live sessions exploring a contemporary, emotionally-sensitive, shadow-aware approach to psychological exploration, emotional healing, and spiritual discovery.

It is not necessary to participate live (many are not able due to their busy schedules) and membership has been designed so that you can access the material on your own time, from the comfort, safety, and convenience of your own home. After each session, you will receive access to a video replay, downloadable mp3 audio, and written transcript so that you may engage with teachings in a way that is most resonant for you.

Over time you will build a library of supportive content that you can access at any time to guide you in your own journey. It is my intention that this material helps you to discover a trust and confidence in the wisdom of your own direct experience, which is sacred and holy.

Love to have you join us!