Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A theatre of the sacred

Go out under her tonight and dissolve the trance that something is missing. You are neither broken, nor whole but weaved of particles of the vast. Love has no bias for whole over broken, unity over multiplicity, or spirit over matter, but will make use of each of equally to open a portal into the mystery.

As you rest in the lunar aliveness, allow the veil to part, revealing a fragrance, an image, a feeling, a mood, a sound, a vision to appear. Root into the earth, open to the heavens, sink into the mud. Breathe into the moon and feel her breath as the return message. Allow these to circulate within and around you.

While we may continue to play hide and seek—at times seen and at other times concealed—the beloved is always, already inside us. Planting seeds that come to fruit each time we say something kind, hold another who is suffering, and allow ourselves to be crafted as a vessel for love to come here.

Though the longing may ache, the cosmic enactment of lost and found is not error but holy, not a mistake but benediction, not evidence that you have failed, but that you have been heard. A theatre of the sacred.

At times holding it all together only in the next moment to fall apart yet again. The rotation of the stars as a template for the alchemical rotatio of dream, imagination, fantasy, and play. All alive and moving within you.

Photo credit: the Sonoran Desert near Chandler, Arizona by Saija Lehtonen

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